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Daily Live IGTV Instagram Apero Hour (Happy Hour)

As some of you know, since the lockdown (and since my book tour was postponed), I’ve been doing a daily Apéro Hour (Happy Hour) on Instagram Live. At 6pm (CET, Paris time) each day, I’ve been demonstrating a different drink, ranging from cocktails to classic café drinks and apéritifs. Along the way, I’m talking about French spirits and apéritifs, sharing some history and lore about iconic beverages such as French gin, vermouth from Chambéry, gentian liqueur, Chartreuse, Cap Corse apéritif from Corsica, cognac, orange liqueurs…and more! It’s been a great way to stay connected, especially with many of us shut in.

The event is live daily at 6pm CET, which is Noon ET, 9am PT. (You can ask Google what time it is where you live if you’d like to join me live.) If you can’t make it, most of the videos are archived at my IGTV channel so you can watch them later. I’m also uploading them to my Facebook page, too. During the live videos I’ll also be taking questions and will be having special guests from time to time. (Unfortunately, the videos featuring guests can’t be archived due to formatting issues, so you’ll need to watch them live.)

This week’s line-up:

Monday: How to make a Chocolate Frappé.

Tuesday: Making a Cap Corse Negroni.

Wednesday: Q & A with reader’s questions.

Thursday: Lavender Lemonade with Melissa Clark, from her new book, Dinner in French.

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